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SunLu – Filament – Silky PLA+ – Dark Rainbow – 1kg – 1.75mm

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Enjoy vibrant multicolour prints with this SunLu Rainbow Silky PLA+ Filament, offering various colours in dark shades and the easy fun of PLA Printing.


SunLu is ready to become your new favourite “Everyday Filament” for prints of all shapes and sizes with loads of colours to choose from, a range of different polymers, and great print quality at unbeatable prices.


When taking a good look at 3D Printing as a whole, we enjoy seeing there are so many kinds of 3D Makers. Some like to focus purely on decorations and aesthetic prints, while others prefer to focus on functional parts, and of course, many more like to blend aesthetics with functionality and enjoy the best of both worlds. We love to get as many different types of 3D Filaments as possible, especially unique filaments.


This Dark Rainbow SunLu Silky PLA+ Filament has shimmering dark shades when compared to SunLu’s Light Rainbow Variant – both of which captivated our attention.


SunLu Silky PLA+ Filament offers exciting advantages and is as easy to print as standard PLA Filaments. You don’t have to be an advanced 3D Maker to take advantage of its awesome traits. Silky PLA+ is polymerised from the same basic materials as standard PLA but is enhanced with some polyester-like additives which give it a sheen like no other filament.


These additives smoothen out the surfaces of prints, helping you hide layer lines and create an almost soft touch. This is ideal for printing pretty much anything! Silky PLA+ really shows its true benefits when printing toys and décor with a vibrant shine finish that stands out from normal prints. So, if you love the easy printing style and bright colours of PLA+, you can step up your game and start using awesome Silky Filaments like SunLu Silky PLA+.


Of course, as with any other filament brand, we encourage you to test out SunLu Silky PLA Filament for yourself. If you enjoy the colours, print quality and easy printing style of it, then take the next leap and test out other materials from the SunLu Filament Range.


So far, we’ve enjoyed each and every variant that we have in stock, and we’re quite certain that you’re going to fall in love with SunLu just like we did when first sinking our teeth into their range of materials and colours.


Please Note: The colours that appear on rainbow filaments are pseudo randomised, and as such we can’t guarantee the exact colours or the order of colours that will appear on your spool. However, after opening and “testing” many of these spools (we’ve got a fond spot for rainbow filaments) we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one and the unique colour combinations they’ve each provided.


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