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Fil X – ASA -Grey – 1kg – 1.75mm

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ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is best known for its durability and resistance to UV degradation. As such, it is best for outdoor products such as garden fittings and fixtures, sports or adventure equipment, and even automotive parts.


Similar to ABS, Fil X ASA can retain its strength and glossy finish even after prolonged UV exposure. Furthermore, it is heat resistant. Therefore, ASA 3D filament is the ideal choice for objects meant to be used outdoors.


Fil X ASA filament is available in various colours to suit your project’s needs. This filament is strong and rigid making it an excellent alternative to ABS. Although also not suitable for the complete beginners, ASA is however easier to print with than ABS.


Finally, although resistant to chemical influences, once printed, ASA objects can be finished using an acetone vapour bath for that high-gloss finish.

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