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eSUN – eStars PLA – Galaxy Black Glow In The Dark -1kg – 1.75mm

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Making prints that are smooth black masterpieces by day and spooky green glowing galaxies by night – this new eSun eStars PLA Filament is the perfect catalyst to creative 3D prints we can’t wait to see Makers in our community go wild with. Halloween decorations, cosplay accessories, sparkling night lights, and more goodies will become wholly unique using this galaxy black glow in the dark 3D filament.

The luminous brightness of this filament is directly related to the intensity and duration spent under a light source. After a good bit of time in direct sunlight or high-density light, your prints will glow with a green starry night effect, but we have another sneaky trick you can use if you’re planning a romantic surprise. The glow effect is intensified best after using an ultraviolet light source which you can use to charge them up, ready to shock your guests with awe!


The eSun eStars PLA Galaxy Black Glow in the Dark Filament is ideal for beginners looking to venture into using more exotic filaments provided you also equip a stronger nozzle to your printer for these more abrasive filaments. eSun PLA is widely popular for its easy utility, clean smooth finishes, and capability for more stable prints. A good adhesion and forgiving temperature gauge results in a higher success rate to bring your glorious prints to life!

However, we don’t recommend leaving your beautiful new models near extreme heat sources. PLA filament is made of polymer materials, including plastics and, in eSun’s case, extracted corn grain which makes it eco-friendly. But extreme heat will cause it to warp and bend, unlike ABS Filament which has a higher melting temperature.

That said, eSun’s eStars PLA Filament is compatible with most 3D printers and the Galaxy Black glow in the dark colour is the first of its kind to become available. Beginners and Experienced Makers alike can get excited to experiment and explore with it.

Please Note: Although this filament is based on PLA, the additive used to make it glow is quite abrasive, and as such we recommend getting a Spare Nozzle to use specifically for this filament. Alternatively, you could also choose to equip your 3D Printer with a more durable nozzle like a Hardened Steel Nozzle, a Plated Brass Nozzle or an A2 Tool Steel Nozzle, as well as the ultimate in durability, the Vanadium Nozzles, which will all be able to handle this filament with ease, while also offering slightly improved printing qualities for other filaments too.


  • Plastic Type                                                                        
  • Plastic Colour
– Galaxy Black Glow in the Dark
  • Plastic Diameter
– 1.75mm
  • Total Weight
– 1kg
  • Print Temp (°C)
– 210-230
  • Bed Temp (°C)
– 45-60℃ (Masking paper, PVP solid glue, glass board, carbon fiber board, PEI)
  • Density (g/cm3)
– 1.2
  • Distortion Temp (°C, 0.45MPa)
– 53
  • Melt Flow Index (g/10min)
– 3.5(190℃/2.16kg)
  • Tensile Strength (MPa)
– 72
  • Elongation at Break (%)
– 11.8
  • Bending Strength (MPa)
– 97
  • IZOD Impact Strength (kJ/m2)
– 5.4



  • Nozzle: Temperature (°C)
– 190° to 220°C
  • Nozzle: Material
– Any
  • Nozzle: Size (mm)
– 0.4mm or Larger
  • Bed: Temperature (°C)
– No Heat / 0° to 50°C
  • Bed: Adhesion
– BuildTak / Magigoo / Painters Tape / Hairspray
  • Printing Speed (mm/s)
– 30 to 80mm/s
  • Part Cooling Fan
– On from Layer 2+
  • Enclosure: Type
– N/A
  • Enclosure: Temperature (°C)
– N/A
  • Filter
– N/A



We choose to supply 3D printer filament acquired directly from eSUN, as they have proven time and time again why they are one of the leading brands in 3D printing materials. Founded in 2002, eSUN have been developing and refining their 3D printer materials since as far back as when pellets were still the popular choice. Throughout this time, they have provided OEM services for other top brands, and have made some excellent advances within the industry – including the invention of 3D printer cleaning filament. Their strict quality control checks utilize modern laser-based testing to ensure consistent quality throughout each spool of filament – with a diameter spec’ difference of as little as 0.03mm over a 330 meter sample – which directly translates to value for Makers like yourself.

The many different types of eSUN 3D printer filament have been tried and tested to work with all popular makes and models of Fused Deposition Modelling printers, including their own unique eFlexy, eLastic, eNinja and the new eMorph. This ensures that almost all 3D Makers can reliably acquire eSUN 3D printer filament without having to worry about damaging their parts.

Some of the top reasons why we choose to deal with eSUN when compared to the many other filament suppliers include:

  • Excellent Temperature Stability – Fewer defects and inconsistencies translates to a more consistent flow, which can help produce more stable, smooth and aesthetically pleasing prints.
  • Pure, Non-Recycled Raw Materials – eSUN choose not to utilize any recycled materials at all, and only utilize pure, fresh materials. This ensures that there are never any defects in their products, and that the quality is always consistent.
  • SGS Certified – FDA and ISO9001 approved, eSUN operates in a safe and sustainable manner to ensure safe and consistent quality products. This keeps you safe as an end-user, ensuring you don’t have to worry about unnecessary health risks.
  • Dry, Clean and Neat Storage and Packaging – As many 3D Makers will know, keeping filament clean, dry and within a sealed container is vital, as it stops the filament from absorbing water molecules – which can easily damage printer parts or ruin prints. eSUN adhere to strict packaging protocols which ensure the filament is kept clean and dry until you decide to open them. Additionally, the spools are clear, which we have found to be very helpful when trying to estimate how much filament is left.
  • Stringent Quality Control Checks – With modernized quality control checks that utilize lasers for enhanced accuracy, eSUN always guarantee the highest quality filament possible. And while they advertise a diameter spec’ difference of +/- 0.05mm on their 1kg, 330 meter product, in reality the difference is even smaller, often being closer to 0.03mm upon professional inspection. This directly translates to greater consistency during printing, with reduced chances of nozzle clogs or other related problems.
  • Leaders in 3D Printing – eSUN have been in the 3D printing business for over a decade and a half now, and have had plentiful time to refine and enhance their formulations. This is demonstrated in their invention of the 3D printer cleaning filament, as well as their wide range of patented unique printing materials – such as the flexible, rubbery, metallic, luminescent and glow-in-the-dark ranges.

While these are the primary reasons we choose to deal specifically with eSUN, they also offer the fantastic benefit of being one of the most affordable brands available. This allows us at DIYElectronics to pass all of these amazing benefits on to you at a great price, ensuring you can enjoy the diverse range of eSUN 3D printer filament (with guaranteed quality) without having to worry about sourcing them yourself.

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