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eSUN – ABS+ – Black -1kg – 1.75mm

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ease Note: eSun has recently changed their filament spool material. You may receive a cardboard spool, instead of the plastic spools depicted above. This move means a more environmentally friendly design to their 3D filament spools which comfortably sit on your 3D printer’s standard spool holder for smooth filament feeding.


ABS+ is a filament formulation that was designed with the intention of addressing many of the common problems that makers would face when printing with standard ABS. While it does typically require higher temperature beds and extruders, it is no more difficult to print with than a standard PLA filament. It also reacts well to temperature, and is less susceptible to warping from environmental temperature differences – meaning you don’t have to cover fans or add extras like some other filaments require.


eSUN ABS+ is a composite of standard ABS, with extra additives to give the material extra strengths. While typical ABS can be difficult to work with, many makers have found ABS+, albeit slightly more expensive, to be a more worthwhile investment for printing.

Compared to standard ABS plastic, ABS+ warps far less, with a much greater first layer adhesion. This directly translates to more rigid and defined structures, as the material maintains its shape better throughout the printing process. For bridges and overhangs – which are often the next trickiest aspect after first layer adhesion – ABS+ is substantially more lenient on the specific temperature requirements, while offering a better layer adhesion. This further ensures less warping or bending during printing, even on long, thin or complex structures.

Another key benefit that professional and beginner makers have noted about ABS+ is that it offers a very unique, beautiful finish, which is often compared to a smooth nylon appearance. It is less opaque than typical ABS, and when polished can actually become moderately transparent. These fantastic advantages, as well as improved strength and flexibility, are what makes ABS+ filament a good investment for all 3D makers.



Plastic Type – ABS+
Plastic Diameter – 1.75mm
Total Weight – 1 kg
Print Temp (°C) – 220-260
Bed Temp (°C) – 110
Density (g/cm3) – 1.06
Distortion Temp (°C, 0.45MPa) – 73
Melt Flow Index (g/10min) – 15 (220°C/10kg)
Tensile Strength (MPa) – 40
Elongation at Break (%) – 40
Bending Strength (MPa) – 68
IZOD Impact Strength (kJ/m2) – 42



eSUN is one of the largest, most respected brands within the 3D printing industry, and provides OEM services for many top brands around the world. Based in China, they employ strict quality control measures on all of their filament products, which ensures consistent, stable and reliable filament without defects. This quality control is then reinforced even further by our own quality control checks here at DIYElectronics, so that you as an end-user never have to worry about potentially low quality filament. Instead, you can purchase materials with peace of mind, knowing that you are getting precisely what you need.

eSUN 3D printing filament has been tested and confirmed to work within all popular makes of FDM – or Fused Deposition Modelling – printers, and is available in almost every different type as well. From ABS, ABS+ and PLA to their patented eFlexy, eLastic and eCopper, their stocks of both standard and exotic filament types are diverse.

The following are just some of the reasons why we choose to procure our filament from eSUN:

  • Good Temperature Stability – Fewer inconsistencies and defects translates to a consistent flow and smoother, more aesthetically pleasing prints.
  • No Recycled Materials Used – eSUN specifically utilizes only pure raw materials, greatly reducing any chances of contamination or defects.
  • SGS Certified – eSUN’s parts, processes and regulations are compliant with FDA and ISO9001 standards, assuring quality and safety for every product.
  • Clean, Neat and Dry Storage and Packaging – As 3D printing specialists, we understand how important clean and dry storage is, as filament can absorb moisture and cause bubbles or damage 3D printer components.
  • Strict Quality Control – By utilizing lasers to assess the quality of their filament products, eSUN offers impressive dimensional accuracy. While they state on the box that the diameter spec’ difference may be +/- 0.05mm, the real difference is typically around +/- 0.03mm – which can make a big difference in consistency for long projects.
  • Leaders in 3D Printing Innovation – eSUN’s notable advances in the 3D printing industry have included the invention of 3D printer cleaning filament, as well as leading the market for PETG filament – which offers excellent qualities in both durability and ease-of-use.

This is why, despite there being so many different filament suppliers in the world, we choose to acquire our stock from eSUN. Not only do they offer some of the highest quality filament, but they also provide it at affordable prices, allowing us to share the benefits with you.

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