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Creality – Ender – PLA+ – Red – 1kg – 1.75mm – 3301010309

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Ender PLA + filament is an upgraded version of traditional PLA, specifically designed to enhance the overall performance and print quality of 3D prints. Engineered with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, this filament offers a host of improved features that make it an excellent choice for 3D printing enthusiasts.

Key Features:
– Superior Strength: Ender PLA+ boasts increased tensile strength and higher impact resistance, resulting in more robust and durable printed objects
compared to regular PLA.
– Enhanced Flexibility: This filament exhibits improved flexibility, reducing the risk of prints becoming brittle and allowing for more versatile applications.
– Reduced Warping: Ender PLA+ has reduced warping tendencies, minimizing the chances of print failures and ensuring smoother printing experiences.
– Excellent Layer Adhesion: With superior layer adhesion, the printed models using Ender PLA+ filament showcase improved surface quality and structural
– Precise and Consistent Printing: Its reliable diameter consistency and low tolerance levels contribute to precise and consistent 3D printing, reducing the
risk of nozzle clogging.
– Vibrant and Vivid Colors: Ender PLA+ filament comes in a wide array of vibrant colors, ensuring that your prints are visually appealing and eye-catching.
– Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a variety of 3D printers, Ender PLA+ filament can be seamlessly used across multiple machines for
seamless printing experiences.

Printing Parameters:

  • Printing Temperature: 200°C – 230°C (392°F – 446°F)
  • Bed Temperature: 50°C – 70°C (122°F – 158°F)
  • Printing Speed: 40mm/s – 100mm/s (Recommendations may vary by 3D printer)
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