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CCTREE – PLA – Temperature Colour Change – Purple/Pink – 1kg – 1.75mm

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CCTREE Color Change PLA is a revolutionary filament that has transformed the world of 3D printing. This innovative material allows users to create objects that change color when exposed to different temperatures. With CCTREE Color Change PLA, the possibilities for creativity and customization are endless.

The filament is made from high-quality PLA, a biodegradable and environmentally friendly thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch or sugarcane. It has all the benefits of traditional PLA, including ease of use, low warping, and excellent print quality. However, what sets CCTREE Color Change PLA apart is its unique ability to alter color.

When the printed object is at room temperature, it displays one color, but as the temperature changes, the color shifts to a different shade or even a completely different hue. This dynamic feature opens up new avenues for artistic expression, practical applications, and interactive designs.

Imagine printing a temperature-sensitive coffee mug that reveals a vibrant pattern when filled with a hot beverage. Or creating jewelry that transitions from one color to another as the wearer’s body heat changes. CCTREE Color Change PLA brings these ideas to life and encourages makers and designers to think beyond static objects.

With its versatility, sustainability, and captivating color-changing properties, CCTREE Color Change PLA is revolutionizing the way we approach 3D printing and enabling a new level of personalization and interactivity in the objects we create.

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